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 STRETCHED CEILINGS & PRESTICLIP                                                                          PARIS DESIGN CEILINGS - STRETCHED CEILINGS OF PRESTIGE & DESIGN      


The Stretch Ceiling System can be adapted to any kind of interior decoration

Rustic interior: the stretched ceiling gives nobility and prestige to charming interiors or to areas of opulent, rustic and sumptuous beauty

Modern interior: the stretched ceiling blends perfectly with the geometrical lines and angles of modern areas.

Variety of colors in mat, satin or gloss finishes


- Inserting any type of electrical, ventilation or air conditional systems

- Perfectly removable system in case of water leak

- Allows a quick and lasting finish after fitting of sound and heat insulation

- Fast, clean installation without disorder for life ceiling

- Fitting: very clean with no unpleasant smell or dust; it takes only 4 hours to install 400 sq. ft of the stretch ceiling with no dust. Removal of furniture is unnecessary.

- Applications: hotel, restaurant, bar, night club, shop, swimming pool, fitness-club, sauna, medical office, hospital (with anti-bacterial PVC film), beauty salon, private residence (including kitchen and bathroom), and so on.

   RESIL is a New York distributor of PARIS DESIGN CEILINGS, France.

More information about PVC film, Presticlip, range of colors you could find on: http://www.parisdesignceilings.com/anglais/stretchedceiling.htm

            BOVELACCI, Italy – finishing materials from polystyrene and polyurethane.

             The RESIL Decorative Ceiling offers creativity and elegant design, forming an essential element for exceptional interiors.

The sheeting is fixed to the ceiling and can accommodate light fittings, alarms, air conditioning, air vents and any other installations, providing a ceiling which is perfectly flat and uniform.

New materials have been continuously developed by BOVELACCI with the variety of design and color; you can stretch the boundaries of your imagination.

This ceiling is ideal both for new buildings and for renovation purposes.

Applications: The RESIL Decorative Ceiling meets the most varied requirements

in the fields of:



Hotels and Restaurants






Reception halls


Trade shows


Offices and service-sector premises


Public places and administrative offices

Installation can be carried out in just a few hours by the RESIL ceiling fitters and does not require the removal of furniture.

It is practical, because it can be quickly removed and reinstalled with no mess involved for any technical work to be carried out.

RESIL Ceiling meets all the current safety standards. The plates are shock-resistant, moisture-proof, and safe from condensation and leaks and the majority of them are classified under the M1 category (fire-resistance classification).

RESIL Ceiling provides maximum comfort. It is not exclusively installed by RESIL ceiling fitters, but also self-service is possible.

We will give you an opportunity instead of a ceiling bothered, darkened, covered with the cracks, sometimes the decorated inexpressible shade of yellowness patterns to see creativity and elegant design, forming an essential element for exceptional interiors.

RESIL is a New York distributor and installer of BOVELACCI                                    Decorative   Ceilings.

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