Company Info

Resil Enterprise Inc. was established as an interior design and

construction company.

We are specializing  in Modern and Art Deco styles.

We used all high quality interior design techniques, using fabric,

metal, marble, and even real gold leaf elements to add a

dramatic effect to any décor.

We completed  numerous projects in  projects in New York:

the restaurant “Royal Palace”, medical offices on Central Park

South, luxury apartments on 5th Avenue, private houses, etc.

    On Buildings NY 2002 we started to introduce the great

modern “ecology clean”  materials - French PVC Ceilings


and the Italian Decorative Ceilings


together with our unique style of design and installation.

Today PVC and Decorative Ceilings are popular tools for

designers,  architects, and constructors.

 We have excellent relationships with a wide range of quality

 companies, offering an enormous variety of products.

We deal directly with our manufacturers, allowing customers

to make all their product selections through us, saving them

time, effort and inconvenience.

These are just some of the quality products we offer,

for a further listing, please Contact Us

Our major strategy is to present the beauty, high quality,

and adventures of modern materials for  interior design

to our customers.

Some results of this strategy are in 

where you will find our most recent projects.


   Our goal is high quality, perfectly combined with long life,

quick installation,  and reasonable prices.